Webolize LLC creates and delivers high-quality and secure software applications solutions!

Webolize LLC offers a full life cycle of software development services.  Whether you are not technical involved, a project manager or a programmer, we will engage with you where you are in the process:

  • Defining requirements
  • Resource estimation
  • Development
  • Testing and QA
  • Training and handover
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance (optionally)

At Webolize, we focus on software development (meaning writing code).  We have a depth of experience in software design and development across many areas.
Our software development services include among others:

Web or Intranet Applications

Web applications that are internally or externally consumed is the majority of our work. These include:

  • Intranet applications
  • Legacy client/server app conversion to internal web application
  • Public facing web application

Technologies we have used include:

  • ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET) with SQL Server databases – We have in-house certified Microsoft Certified Application Developers
  • NodeJS and Redis and SQL Server database
  • PHP and MySql, Sqlite and Oracle databases- We have in-house certified Oracle Certified Application Developers
  • Apache/Tomcat/Java with Derby, Postgres, and Oracle databases

Mobile Apps and Tablet Applications

Mobile is now the leading access point to web (cloud) services and Webolize LLC can help you provide a mobile application to your customers, fast and economically. We prototype custom mobile applications that work on across devices (iOS, Android and Windows8/WindowsPhone) within weeks.

Technologies we have used include:

  • HTML5 (HTML and Javascript)
  • PhoneGap – to create mobile applications
  • XCode
  • Xamarin IDE


Desktop Windows Applications or Services

Desktop Windows Applications are still very functional and quick to develop because the tooling is so rich.  We also develop Windows services that help you move data or files around according to your processes.

Technologies we have used include:

  • Visual Studio Windows Forms
  • SQL Server, SQLite, DB2, AS400, MySql (Peachtree database) and many other data stores
  • Windows Service (that runs as a service)
  • Scheduled services


Cloud Services

Cloud services are differentiated from a web application because of how it can scale.  Cloud services are built on top of a cloud infrastructure (Such as Amazon Elastic Cloud or Microsoft Azure) and is built so that you can fire up an additional instance to handle higher loads.

Mobile or HTML5 applicacations typically connect to cloud services to receive and write data.

Technologies we have used include:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud, including Azure web sites
  • Amazon virtual machines

Data Solutions

Data manipulation is a strength at Webolize LLC.  We have Oracle Certified Application Developers and our devs have experience with a wide variety of data stores ranging from VMS record based file systems, many SQL systems (SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, SQLite) and schema less stores such as Redis, CouchDB, IndexDB (and ForageJS)

Services not offered

We focus on software development, so our services do NOT include creative services such as:
– Website design
– UX overhaul (note – we do business application UX designs in-house)
– Other creative or design heavy works

As we have worked with some of the best designers in the Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio area, in the technical implementation of projects ranging from Univ of Michigan’s websites to three (3) local Fortune 500 company websites and interactive kiosk products, we have a lot of respect for the creative arts and trade.  We will be happy to introduce or recommend you designers in the area.