How we work

How we work

Hourly Rate

If the job scope is less certain and you would like to work with us on a more flexible basis, then choose the hourly option. You and Webolize LLC will agree upon an hourly rate and we will bill you on a weekly or monthly basis for the hours worked the prior. You can also specify authorized hours for the subsequent weeks. Very often the project requirements are changing with time. The solution in such cases is open-ended project with dedicated developer or team. Webolize LLC  assigns a project manager to the every client project

Fixed Price

Fixed price jobs are best when we have well-defined scope and structure for the work. After estimation of the project based on your technical specifications, we can agree upon a fixed price at the start of the job based on the requirements and scope of what needs to get done. As part of work plan we should set up specific milestones so that you and Webolize LLC will have appropriate milestones. As the job progresses, you and Webolize LLC can update the milestones and scope following the Agile Project management processes.

Outsourcing (Onshore and Offshore)

Generally, all work over our internal capacity is outsourced.  We have a network of developers we work with in Southeastern Michigan, eastern Europe and beyond.  We handle the full software development cycle so you will receive quality crafted software inside and outside.

Creative work

All creative work is outsourced to local (Southeast Michigan and northern Ohio) designers and we connect you directly with them.  Webolize LLC is focused on what we do best, which is software development. We have worked with some of the best developers in the area. Read more about creative work