How to Engage

How to get started and get finished!

1. Inquiry

You send us your idea in any shape and form and we contact you in within one (1) business day with follow up questions or our current schedule.

2. Estimation

We contact you with an initial ballpark estimate and engagement plan.  This may take several days, during which we stay in close contact with you to discuss new ideas, clarify requirements and inform you about our progress. Our goal here is to give you enough information to assess feasibility of the project as quickly as possible.

This is a good time to meet face to face to brainstorm.

3. Solicit Requirements

Having engagement plan agreed upon, we start soliciting the requirements of the project during which we study your project requirements, environment and processes in-depth.

This process will result in clarity, codified in documents such as:

  • Functional requirements
  • Mockups (wireframe skeleton)
  • Development roadmap
  • Project staffing requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Duration and costs

In many cases we prefer discovery phase to start with a series of face-to-face meeting allow for clear communications and establish p